MT4 MTF KAGI Ashi(マルチタイム鈎足)


今は これをメインに使っていて非常に有効でお勧めです。

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This indicator was used (Kagi) Kagi analysis of Japanese-style border.
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更にマルチタイム機能で 3つもの時間軸の鈎足を同時に描画してくれます。


バージョンの違いで動作しない場合や不具合はダウロード後3ヶ月間に付いて無償にて対策保証します。 ホームページの説明

Feet and it's width does not exceed the key is to decide the price range of a certain will continue to pull the horizontal line.

Extend a vertical line up and down to up or down if you exceed the stated price range.

Was to be calculated automatically using ATR value and a value equal to that decision.

The Kagi drew to always automatically calculate the optimal value by this.

Go to the Line at the same time to draw the time axis of the three key multi-function time further.

Expect the trend of change in the other the height of the horizontal line of Kagi.

The chart position was a short period of time between the horizontal line will be the range.

Can serve as a support and resistance other than to predict the direction of the future. description of the home page

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MetaTrader is a trading company by the original version, etc. There are refurbishment.

There is also a possibility does not work in the original said so.

Three months after the measures available for download at no charge is guaranteed free of charge attached to that point for failure.

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